Display and Touch Panel Related Materials

Anisotropic Conductive Film

for TAB

"ANISOLM" is a leading invention of Showa Denko Materials for display interconnection. The conductive particles dispersed in adhesive electrically connect circuits and microscopic electrodes on the glass. This type has achieved excellent connection reliability, since the optimum conductive particles are adopted to each state of electrodes.

for COG

This type is available for microscopic bump of bare chip. It has excellent adhesion to glass and Si chip

for Solderless Connective Film (MF Series)

MF Series is developed based on ACF technology for non display uses.

Transparent Conductive Transfer Film

MS series

MS series is transferable transparent conductive film for touch panels, which enables conductive patterning on various base materials. It realizes a level of compatibility between conductivity and transparency. In addition, it contributes to customers in terms of process reduction and productivity improvement.