Fancryl 500 series

UV curable monomers with low cure shrinkage which might contribute to molding stability of 3D print application

Applicable business fields

3D print maker, 3D print resin manufacture

Expected applications

3D printing

Showa Denko Materials is one of only four companies in the entire world who creates DCPD (dicyclopentadienyl) monomers. DCPD monomers have numbers of unique features derived from DCPD structure.

Showa Denko Materials’s Solution

Low cure shrinkage monomers might allow the dimensional accuracy improvement of 3D printed objects

Same as the other products, precision is also expected on 3D printing products. For example, a part of Automobile components has been shifting from injection to 3D printing manufacturing method, therefore, the precision expectation is rising. When you formulate reactive material such as Acrylic monomer and Oligomer, more or less, cure shrinking would occur. In contrast, even with the same Acrylic material, we expect that Fancryl 500 Series monomers might contributes to low cure shrinkage due to its bulky DCPD structure and finally increase the precision of 3D printing products.


Chemical Structure

Fancryl 500 series is monofunctional (meth) acrylate which has a bulky DCPD structure.

Trans-esterification method

Trans-esterification method we adopt shows very high stability

Stability test and PII

The comparasion data(Stability)

Heat resistance of polymethacrylates

High TG

UV Curing Characters of DCPD(meth) acrylates

The comparasion data(UV curing)